There are several stages that Summoners must pass to become the best in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Indonesia tournament: Summer Season. Some of them are:

Open Qualifier

  • Maximum slot 128 teams
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 1 / Match
  • The 4 best teams in each Open Qualifier phase qualify for the Final Qualifier phase
  • Teams that fail to qualify for the next phase can re-register if there are still Open Qualifier sessions open

Final Qualifier

  • Consists of 16 teams
  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 3 / Match
  • 8 teams qualify for the group phase

Group Stage

  • Consists of 8 teams divided into 2 groups (4 teams / groups)
  • Round Robin single
  • Best of 3 / Match
  • Groups are determined based on the sequence of brackets in the Final Qualifier phase
  • 4 teams qualify for the Grand Final phase

Grand Final

  • Consists of 4 best teams in Indonesia
  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 5 / Match in Semifinal Phase & Best of 7 / Match in Final phase.
  • Opponents will be determined based on the classification of the standings in the Group Stage phase

Have a good match and GLHF to all Summoners!